Increasing Shoulder Strenght




Does Your Child Have Poor Shoulder Muscle Stability?

  • Does your child use only hand and finger movements while coloring and drawing?
  • Are your child’s arm and shoulder stationary while they write?
  • Does your child tense neck and shoulders as he/she attempts to use scissors or a knife and fork?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then your child may be at risk. The child would greatly benefit from Cool Games’ unique educational games that cultivate shoulder muscle stability by incorporating shoulder exercises while playing and learning.


Children attempting a task for the first time may hold their arms in an awkward or exaggerated fashion but should soon learn to relax as they become more accustomed and proficient. Pay attention to the child who approaches every fine motor task with tension in their shoulders, this may be a sign of difficulty.


Fine motor skills and activities along with strong shoulder muscles are essential in assisting your child to develop the necessary dexterity needed for good handwriting, working with scissors and creating with play dough.


Cool Games’ Magnetic Matching, Magnetic Puzzles, Play and Attach and Learn and Clay Crafts will give your child that important sense of accomplishment and achievement while assisting to develop essential handwriting skills without paper and pencil.


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